GALACTIC NETWORKI INTEGRATORS, INC. Network Engineer/ System Administrator: Possesses and applies a comprehensive knowledge across network facilities including power, software, security features, communications devices, lines, modems and terminals and for the overall integration of the enterprise network. Responsible for status of the network resources. Utilizes software and hardware tools, identifies and diagnoses complex problems and factors affecting network performance. Responsibilities include writing and maintaining documentation/policies and procedures, interacting with end-users to assist in resolution of issues, training end-users in newer technologies, which have become available.Functions as a technical expert across multiple project assignments. Possesses and applies expertise on system administration of Network, Web and/or communication systems, including Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) systems, involving network security. Administration of user accounts, passwords, email, chat and FTP. Requires comprehensive knowledge of the organization's hardware, software and network components. Maintains servers, creates monitoring reports and logs and ensures functionality of links. Maintains Host Based Security System software on servers and clients Performs network security scans, then applies fixes/patches on server, workstation, and network equipment to remediate vulnerabilities. Ensures patches and updates are applied to all network and computer equipment. Assignments may be broad in nature, requiring originality and innovation in determining how to accomplish tasks. TOP SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED. Please submit resume to HR@GNI-INC.COM