When I think of August, I think new! For our kids, it’s a new school year — new supplies, new clothes, new teachers and often times new friends. As a military spouse, this time of year may mean a new city, home, career and a longing for the comfort and familiarity of good friends in this mid…

Albuquerque is home to many urban trails, and the Paseo del Bosque Trail is one of the best in the United States. The Paseo del Bosque Trail runs along the Rio Grande through the cottonwood Bosque and stretches 16 miles spanning the north and south edges of the metro area. This is a designat…

Editor’s note: None of the events referred to in this commentary happened at Kirtland.

My name is Nichole Harwood and it is my honor to write as a staff reporter for the Kirtland Air Force Base’s Nucleus. I have long enjoyed writing articles to give voices to a variety of communities and I am excited to be one of the reporters giving a voice to the Kirtland community.

We are in the throes of summer here at Kirtland and the children on the base are well aware. How many times have we, as parents, heard “Mommy and Daddy, I’m bored” over the past few months? 

A week ago five people were killed at the Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis, Md. For journalists, like myself, the news hit close to home. Being a journalist is not an easy task by any means.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and most of us were looking up at the same fireworks Wednesday with different ideas about why we love and serve our country. But what could we agree on as we celebrate our nation’s 242nd birthday?

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to fire up the grill and move the party outside. If you’re living in family housing, that can mean being in close quarters and you have a few more things to consider. Here are some good guidelines for having a great backyard barbecue bash.

In the not-too-distant past for LGBTQ in uniform, Gay Pride Month translated into Gay Hide Month. I know. I remember.

The City of Albuquerque sponsors a number of community events throughout the year. Among the most highly anticipated venues are the four Summerfest concert events held in different areas of Albuquerque during the summer months.

Come and enjoy a beautiful New Mexico night watching “Apollo 13” among behemoth aircraft at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s sixth Annual Movie Under the Wings.

Picture this — it’s 4 a.m. and you just woke up. There’s a long day ahead of you full of interstate pit stops and wide-open roadways. As the morning drags on, you realize you forgot to eat breakfast. You grab a granola bar and eat it on the way to take Fluffy to the nearest boarding facility.

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Greetings! My name is Melissa Galbreath and I am the new Kirtland Spouses’ Club (KSC) President for the 2018-19 term. The KSC board year began on June 1 and we are looking forward to an exciting new year. We hope to build on past successes and mix in new ideas to make this a truly memorable year.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is kicking off this summer with fun activities for everyone! From summer camps that will knock your kids’ socks off to a beautiful family event and an awesome outdoor movie night, visitors will want to come back time and time again.

Bananas are one of nature’s miraculous fruits. They can be found at almost any grocery store in Albuquerque year round; however, their peak season tends to hit towards the beginning of spring and winter. 

Have you ever met someone who changed how you look at yourself? Someone who did the right thing, time after time, despite the difficulties? Someone who was a leader not because of their rank, but because of their character?

Recently, our local public radio station had its spring fundraiser. Each day, I swore I’d call in or pledge online, but then I got busy and forgot. An artist friend of mine on the East Coast put out a call for donated building supplies, and for people to help her refurbish her new art galler…

When participating in hard training, sports, or other activities, injuries are bound to happen. When injured, there is typically a reduction in training. This may cause an individual to get off track with their training schedule and activity/health goals. There are many ways to reduce injury…

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to start painting more airplanes at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History! New Mexico’s only Boeing B-47E Stratojet, serial number 53-2280, one of only 23 surviving B-47 airplanes in existence, will be the focus of a special initi…

Spring has finally made its arrival here at Kirtland. The colorful array of fruit produced during this time reminds me of the rainbows that grace our base after brief storms.

It has been a year since I first shared with you about Operation Ball Gown, a new program the Kirtland Spouses’ Club was revamping in the hopes of benefitting even more spouses on Kirtland Air Force Base. A lot has changed in a year and it seemed somewhat fitting to provide an update on how …

Kirtland is a unique place. The 377th Air Base Wing and our many mission partners are conducting missions vital to national defense. Our units have authority and responsibilities across five major commands, multiple combatant commands and the Department of Energy. Their responsibilities to o…

For a limited time, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is hosting the exhibition “Da Vinci: The Genius.” The exhibition marvelously captures Leonardo da Vinci’s genius as an artist, scientist, engineer and inventor. It is the most comprehensive traveling exhibition on da Vi…

Recently, several former Department of Defense Education Activity teachers came to visit the Museum of the American Military Family.

Would you be interested in attending New Mexico’s biggest science party of the year? Would you like to dress up and eat dinner among some of the most brilliant minds in science and history while being entertained with science experiments that will knock your socks off?

Nearly three months ago I took helm as the Nucleus editor. These past few months have been a learning experience. I have learned military lingo and procedures. I finally understand what some of the acronyms stand for without having to ask someone to explain them to me.

Every year the Kirtland Spouses Club membership elects a president, a secretary, two treasurers and four vice presidents to run the club during the upcoming year. These positions will chart the direction of the club and decide how it will meet the demands of the spouses’ community at Kirtlan…

Although there are many places to explore in the Land of Enchantment, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the amazing sites located in the neighboring states. Just across the state line in Colorado lies the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Improvements in screening and treatment of cancer have resulted in significant reductions of cancer deaths in the United States.

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Join the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History for our wildly popular Discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

I am a proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran. My father served in Vietnam as part of the Army Infantry. That’s about all I know about his experience in Vietnam, as he doesn’t really talk much about it — much like the thousands of veterans who rarely talk about what happened.

It is college scholarship season and the Kirtland Spouses’ Club (KSC) is proud to continue our college scholarship program, to help offset the growing cost of higher education.

This time of year, New Mexico is cloaked in a shroud of hazy wood smoke from hundreds of fireplaces. As I walk by certain houses, I smell creosote, or uncured wood, or the wonderful piñon — this is the smell of winter.

I grew up in a small town in northern New Mexico in which everyone knew each other. They knew your family’s history, as most of the town was related somehow.

It’s a new year, and there is no better time than now to start making changes to your diet to better your overall health. Typical American diets exceed the recommended intake levels in four categories: added sugar, refined grains, sodium, and saturated fat. These are the four categories to s…

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